Mind Reading Tricks- Is Mind Reading Possible

I have been performing mind reading tricks for over 20 years. Here you will learn the best mind-reading magic that will convince your spectators you can really read minds.

Is Mind Reading Possible

Mind reading is not possible. Nobody can read minds. There are many tricks that have convinced scientists otherwise, yet I can tell you with 100% certainty that nobody can read minds. There are coincidences and luck that sometimes seem like real mind reading, yet that is all they are. No minds are actually being read.

These tricks are amazing and believable. I will walk you through each trick step by step. These mind reading tricks:

  • Are fun and easy to do.
  • Are practical.
  • Require minimal props.
  • Will fool your audience big time.
  • Can be performed as a routine.

Triple Coincidence

EFFECT: A piece of paper is torn into 6 squares. You choose 3 different words and write each word on 2 squares of paper. You and your spectator each take a set of 3, fold them up, and mix them up. You both lay out your papers. They pick up one of yours, you pick up one of theirs. You both open your papers and they match. You repeat this 2 more times and each time they match. This whole process is repeated 2 more times and always matches.


All you need is paper and a pen. Cut or tear the paper into small squares. You will use 18 squares total. You can either make them before the trick or make them as you go. I recommend cutting up a bunch of squares and carrying them in paperclip if possible.

layout 1

You can use any words you want. Let’s start with Red, White, & Blue. Take 6 squares of paper and write each word on two squares. Hand your spectator a set of red, white, and blue squares and you take the other set of red, white, and blue squares. Tell your spectator to crumple each piece and then to mix them in their cupped together hands. You do the same.

SECRET FOLDING: You will fold your papers so you know which is which. I start with the red square and Crumple it. I then take the white square and Fold it. The blue square I Twist. I do it in alphabetical order- crumple, fold, twist, which is easy to remember. So is red, white, and blue. You both shake up your papers in your cupped hands and then drop them on the table. Supposedly you don’t know which is which.

layout 2

Straighten your papers in a row and put them in order from left to right- red, white, and blue. As you do this crumple all of them so they look the same. Your spectator puts their papers in a row also.

Tell your spectator that they always go first. Have them pick up one of your papers and then pick up one of theirs. You know which one they chose. You both open up the papers you picked up. Open yours quickly before they know which one they have. 1/3 of the time you will get the same one. If you do, clearly show it and say your color. If you didn’t get the matching paper you will do a miscall here.

Let’s say they chose red and you open up and see blue. Cover most of the word with your thumb and flash it vaguely toward them so they cannot really see it. Tell them you got red and ask what they picked. When they say red take their paper and turn both papers face down and place them in a pile near you. Keep it moving.

Have them choose again. Same situation, you know which one they picked. If you get the same color cleanly show it. If not, repeat the miscall and place both papers face down on top of the pile. If the last two papers don’t match, open both without showing them and say we both know what the last ones are. Place them face down on top of the other papers and keep it moving!

This procedure is exactly what you will do for the whole trick. You will repeat it 2 more times with 2 more sets of words. After red, white, and blue, I like to write penny, nickel, dime. Then I usually do small, medium, large. You can use any words you want.

IMPORTANT POINTS: You will be surprised how often the papers really match. When they do you can be super clean and show your color. It is amazing. Don’t be nervous about the miscall. Say the color and vaguely flash the paper with confidence.

Coin Prediction

EFFECT: You tell your spectator to take out some coins, less than 10, and hold them in their closed fist. You place some coins in your closed fist. You make 3 statements about their coins and yours. You count them and your prediction is 100% correct.


Start with 10 coins. The value of the coins does not matter. I usually keep the coins in a small ziploc bag in my pocket. You need to find someone with some change in their pocket. Tell them to grab some coins, less than 10, and hold them closed in their fist so you can’t see them. Place your 10 coins into your closed fist. You will make 3 statements:

  1. I have as many coins as you.
  2. Plus 3 more.
  3. Plus enough left over to make exactly 10.

Have your spectator dump their coins on the table. Let’s say they have 4 coins.

coins 1

Restate your first statement- I have as many coins as you. Count 4 coins from your hand onto the table. Restate your second statement- Plus 3 more. Count 3 more coins into your pile on the table. Restate your third statement- Plus enough left over to make exactly 10. There will be 7 coins in your pile on the table, you will have 3 coins left. Count them into your pile one at a time- 8, 9, 10.

IMPORTANT POINTS: This is a super cool self working trick that is quite baffling. If you want, instead of stating your prediction at the beginning, you can write down the 3 statements and mark it Prediction. Place this on the table before you start.

I’ve seen this trick done with much more coins. I like to use a small number of coins so the trick is quick and there isn’t too much counting. The nice thing about this trick is that you can always find 10 coins if you are out and about and didn’t bring any.

PRO TIPS: Don’t repeat this trick for the same audience. Go right into the next trick below- Heads or Tails.

Heads or Tails

EFFECT: Your spectator shakes up some coins in their hands and spills them on the table. You tell them you will turn around and they should flip coins over randomly, 2 at a time. When they are content the coins are mixed they should look at one, remember if it is heads or tails, and cover it. You turn back around and tell them what they are thinking. You can repeat this and get it correct every time.


You can use any number of coins. Let’s say you are using your coins from the above trick so there are 10 coins. Here is what you do:

  • Spectator mixes up the coins in their cupped hands and dumps them on the table.
  • Secretly count how many heads there are.
  • Remember whether the amount is an odd or an even number.
  • Let’s say it is an even number.
  • Tell your spectator to flip over 2 coins at a time, as many times as they want, so the coins are mixed.
  • Then they will choose a coin, know if it is heads or tails, and cover it.
  • Turn around while they do the above 2 steps.
  • When you turn back around secretly count the amount of heads.
  • If the number is still even you know their coin is tails, if it is odd you know their coin is heads.

IMPORTANT POINTS: When secretly counting the amount of heads you might want to slowly wave your hand over the coins as if you are concentrating and getting vibes. A little acting goes a long way here. When you tell them heads or tails play it up as if you are really reading their mind.

I wouldn’t use more than 10 coins because it will be hard to count the heads. I recommend you do this trick 2 or 3 times for the same spectator. More than that is too much. This is a perfect follow up trick to Coin Prediction above. This is another great mind reading trick that you can do if you don’t have any props. Coins are always easy to find.

Mind Reading Card Trick

EFFECT: Spectator shuffles the cards. You spread out the cards showing they are all different. Deck is squared up and turned face down. A card is selected and placed back into the deck. You read their mind and tell them what card they are thinking of.


Have your spectator shuffle the cards and then hand you back the deck. You will be using a very strong card principle here called the Key Card. This is when you know the bottom card of the deck. The important thing here is that the spectator has no idea that you know the bottom card. Here are two ways to accomplish this.

Many times a spectator will shuffle the deck and flash the bottom card to you as they hand it back. If this happens, awesome, move on to the next part of this trick. You will be pleasantly surprised how often your spectator will flash the bottom card without even knowing it. If not:

Take the cards back and turn the deck face up. Spread through showing they are all different. Remember the card that is 2nd from the bottom, that will be your key card. Do this very casually. Square up the cards and turn the deck face down.

key 3

Tell your spectator that you want this trick to be impossible so you will bury the top card and the bottom card. Take the top card and place it into the center of the deck. Then take the bottom card and place it into the center of the deck. Your key card is now on bottom. Have your spectator select a card.

Tell your spectator you will deal piles and whenever they want they should put their card on top of the pile. Lift off a small group of cards from the deck and place them on the table. Repeat this until they put their card on top. When they do place the rest of the deck in your hands on top. This will put your Key Card on top of their card.

Pause for a second. The cards are on the table and their card is somewhere in the middle. This is a very strong moment. Tell your spectator to concentrate on their card. Pick up the deck and hold it so the faces are toward you. Run through and find your key card. Their card is the one under it. Remember their card. Say, I could find your card, yet it is more impressive if I read your mind. Put the deck down.

  • There is not way I can know your card.
  • Concentrate on your card.
  • It is a red card
  • It is a diamond.
  • It is the Eight of Diamonds.

PRO TIPS: There are many ways to accomplish this trick. If done well it will look like you read their mind. Be casual about getting your key card. Remember, you are just showing that the cards are mixed. Burying the top and bottom card is a nice convincer here. If you want to learn another excellent way to get a key card plus some more mind blowing card tricks check out 5 Easy Card Tricks That Blow Minds.

Card Coding

EFFECT: You will need another person to perform this trick with. Lay out 9 cards on the table. Tell your spectator you will turn around and they should touch one card so everyone knows which card they are thinking of. They do this. You turn back around. Your helper points at a few cards and asks you if it is their card. Each time you say no, and then you tell your spectator their card.


Take out any 9 cards from the deck, one has to be a 9. Lay the cards out on the table in the same configuration as the pips (suits) on the 9. You will have 2 columns of 4 cards with a card in the middle. Tell your spectator that you will turn around and they should touch a card so everyone knows which card they are thinking of.


SECRET: Your helper will code the card to you by touching the correct pip on the 9. You want to mask this with some presentation.

After a card is chosen and you turn back around, your helper will touch 3 cards each time saying, Is it this card? Each time you will say NO. Your helper will:

  1. Touch a card that is not the selected card.
  2. Touch the 9 on the correct pip so you know the card.
  3. Touch a card that is not the selected card.

Turn to the person who picked a card and tell them to concentrate. Take a second here, act as if you are reading their mind. Then tell them their card. If they pick the 9 your helper will touch 3 cards other than the 9.

IMPORTANT POINTS: This is a really easy and strong mind reading trick and a great way to get someone you are close with involved. You will fool your spectators big time with this trick. You can repeat it, yet don’t do it more than 2 times.

Imagination Dice

EFFECT: You tell your spectator to imagine they have a pair of dice in their hands and they role them on the table. Have them:

  • Think of the number they see on the 1st die.
  • Double it.
  • Add 5.
  • Multiply by 5.
  • Add this to the number they see on the 2nd die.
  • Say out loud this final number.

You tell your spectator to concentrate. You tell them both numbers on the dice.

SECRET: Do the exact procedure as above. When they say the final number, subtract 25. This value will be the numbers on their imaginary dice.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say they are thinking of 3 and 1.

  • Think of the number they see on the 1st die- 3
  • Double it- 6
  • Add 5- 11
  • Multiply by 5- 55
  • Add this to the number they see on the 2nd die- 56
  • Say out loud this final number- 56 minus 25 = 31 (Their numbers)

IMPORTANT POINTS: This is a math magic trick. I am not exactly sure why this trick works, it just does. It is pretty cool and easy to do. If you like this type of trick check out Math Magic Tricks – The Absolute Best Ones. There are some great math magic tricks in that article.

PRO TIPS: When you finish the procedure and know their numbers, make sure to play it up a bit. A little acting here goes a long way. Say to your spectator:

  • You rolled imaginary dice and thought of 2 random numbers.
  • There is no way I could know the numbers you are thinking of.
  • Concentrate.
  • You are thinking of a 3…..and a 1.
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Hi, I'm Matt Furman. I have been a full time professional magician for over 20 years, ever since I left medical school to pursue my passion of magic tricks. I have a ton of real world experience and I am constantly practicing and performing new mind blowing magic.