Math Magic Tricks – The Absolute Best Ones

I love all magic tricks. I do not perform math magic tricks too often yet I think they are fun, amazing, and good to teach to someone. I did a deep dive to find the math magic tricks I like best.

Math Magic Tricks are sort of like puzzles. Your spectator thinks of a number. That is how the trick starts. You give a series of mathematical instructions. At the end you tell your spectator their final number. Math tricks are fun and easy to do. The tricks are usually pretty cool, yet not mind blowing. It is the type of trick that you do for someone, baffle them, and then teach them how.

A good math magic trick should be quick and the instructions must be easy to follow. You should be able to do all the math in your head. I have compiled the 6 best math tricks I could find. They are all worth trying out. I saved the best one for last, I’m including it as a bonus at the end.

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Math Magic Trick #1

  • Think of a number between 1 and 10, this is your Original #.
  • Add 2
  • Multiply by 2
  • Subtract 2
  • Divide by 2
  • Subtract your Original #


You are thinking of:

red one

Math Magic Trick #2

  1. Think of a number between 1 and 10, this is your Original #.
  2. Multiply by 3.
  3. Add 6.
  4. Divide by 3.
  5. Subtract Original #.


You are thinking of:

red 2

Math Magic Trick #3

  1. Think of a number between 1 and 10, this is your Original #.
  2. Double it.
  3. Add 9.
  4. Subtract 3.
  5. Divide by 2.
  6. Subtract your Original #.


You are thinking of:

red 3

Math Trick No-Nos

Stay away from math magic tricks that are too long and have too many instructions. These tricks tend to be confusing and most of the time they get screwed up. If you cannot do the math in your head don’t do the trick. If your spectator misses one part the whole trick is ruined.

Math Magic Trick #4

  1. Think of a 2 digit number, this is your Original #.
  2. Add the digits
  3. Subtract from your Original #.
  4. Look up this number on the chart and think of the symbol.
Chart middle


You are thinking of:

Red square

Symbol Explanation

This is a pretty baffling trick. In fact, I have it on my website. While I do not know your original number, I do know if you follow the instructions your final result is always a multiple of 9. That is just how it works out. I will always be correct in my prediction because the table has the same symbol for the multiples of 9.

9 – 18 – 27 – 36 – 45 – 54 – 63 – 72 – 81

Math Magic Trick #5

  • Think of a number between 1 and 10, this is your Original #.
  • Double it.
  • Add 10.
  • Divide by 2.
  • Subtract your Original #.


You are thinking of:

red 5

Numbers Explanation

These math tricks always have the same answer so you don’t want to repeat them for the same person. This is why it is good to know a few math tricks with different outcomes. For each trick you can just tell them what number or symbol they are thinking. That is pretty strong by itself. Or you can spice it up a little and make things a little more entertaining.

Math Trick Endings

Act as if you are reading their mind. Tell your spectator to concentrate and close their eyes. Tell them they are hard to read and it isn’t easy to step into their mind. Add a little mystery and showmanship here, it will go a long way. Slowly reveal their number.

Write the number on a piece of paper without letting anybody see what you wrote and place it on the table before you start. Go through the trick and then have them pick up the paper and look at what you wrote. This makes this trick sort of like a prediction. You could write the number on a piece of paper and place it somewhere without them knowing. After you go through the trick tell them to look under your phone or wherever you put the paper.

Place the correct amount of pennies inside an envelope and hand it to the spectator to hold before you start. Go through the trick and then have them open the envelope. They will see their number in pennies. This is very much like the above ending. It is just a minor variation. It is good to add something extra to your presentation. Makes the trick more memorable.

Is Magic All Math?

I have met people who are under the impression that magic is all math based. This might be from an experience they had with some math tricks when they were younger. Perhaps these people have never seen good sleight of hand magic- cards, coins, rings, etc.

Magic is not math. There are some math tricks that can be very baffling and puzzling. Math tricks are in a different category than magic tricks. Math tricks give a sense of amusement. They are usually very procedural and won’t blow your mind. The enjoyment of a math trick is more about working it out. After doing a math trick you want to try it and work through and figure out the math.

Students really get into it because they truly want to learn how to do it themselves. Working on these tricks is good for learning and deduction skills and a good way to get students thinking. Curiosity can lead us to embrace and apply both new and familiar concepts and skills, including algebra. These tricks can serve as an aid in learning basic math. Check out the video below to see these tricks performed.

Bonus Math Magic Trick

This is definitely the best trick. It involves the 4 colored tables below. If you want to do this trick you can take a screen shot of the 4 tables below. You don’t know in advance what number the spectator will pick. Plus it is always different. They can think of any number between 1 and 30, it is up to your spectator. I will walk you through the procedure of the trick, unfortunately I cannot perform it for you.

  1. Have your spectator think of a number between 1 and 30.
  2. Show the cards one at a time and ask which colors have their number.
  3. Add the numbers at the top left corner of the cards with their number.
  4. This will give you their number.

PRO TIP: Whenever giving instructions make sure you are clear and go slow. Make sure they closely look at each card so they don’t miss their number. If your spectator needs glasses to see make sure they put on their glasses. Otherwise the trick can get messed up. If a spectator messes up it is the magician’s fault, always remember this.

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