Magic Tricks for Adults- What Really Works

I have made my full time living for over 20 years as a professional magician and have never done a kiddie show. I have learned a lot over the past 20 years, here is what works when performing magic tricks for adults.

  • Mind blowing magic
  • Minimal props
  • Tricks with ordinary objects
  • Tricks with borrowed items
  • Tricks that are quick and to the point
  • Tricks that are practical in the real world
  • Tricks you can carry in your pocket
  • Tricks that can be repeated

You will learn some amazing tricks that are fun, easy, and guaranteed to blow minds. I will give you step by step detailed instructions for some of my favorite magic tricks for adults. Keep reading!

iPhone Prediction

EFFECT: You take out your business card, you show that you wrote the word “nothing” and then place it on the table. You take out your phone, open the calculator, and have your spectators punch in some random numbers to get a total. You turn over your business card and now written on it is their exact total.


You will be forcing a number and revealing it in a very clever and super cool way.

PROPS: Your prediction & Your phone


NUMBER: You will write the number 6414704 in a way that when turned upside down it says the word “nothing” (see picture). You can write it on a piece of paper or the back of a business card. You might want to get it laminated yet this isn’t necessary. I like to write it first in pencil and tweak it until it looks good. Then I write over the pencil with a black Sharpie.


CALCULATOR: You will set your calculator so no matter what your spectators punch in once they hit the equals sign it will bring up your force number. Here is the setup, it takes 10 seconds. After you set up your calculator you can go back to your home screen. Your set up will be ready when you open your calculator.

  • Punch in 6414704
  • Press +
  • Press 0
  • Press x
  • Press ( *You have to rotate your phone so this button appears
  • Press 0


Take out your prediction and show that you wrote “nothing.” Place it face down on the table. Take out your phone and go to your calculator. It is best to get more than one spectator involved here, yet you can have one spectator do all 4 steps:

  1. Please punch in a random 4 digit number and press x (times)
  2. Please punch in a random 3 digit number and press + (plus)
  3. Please punch in a random 5 digit number and press – (minus)
  4. Please punch in a random 2 digit number and press = (equals)

The total will say 6414704. You must build this up a little. Here is what you will say- You punched in a bunch of random numbers. There is no way I could have known the numbers you would have punched in nor could I have known what the total would be. For the big finish flip over your business card the opposite way so it shows the numbers.

IMPORTANT POINTS: Since your prediction is already on the table you don’t have to look away or turn around while they punch in numbers. You can watch exactly what they do. This is important just in case they mess up. Let’s say they punch in a 5 digit number instead of a 4 digit number, your spectator will want to hit clear and start over. This will ruin the trick. Tell them it is fine and to keep going, truth is it doesn’t really matter.

You don’t have to use the exact steps I wrote above when your spectator punches in numbers. Anything works here. I recommend you do 4 steps so they can’t go back and recreate it because then they will see the total is different. Don’t do too many steps or it will get confusing.

It is ok if your spectators flip over your prediction and see how it says nothing the opposite way. It is actually very cool and interesting. Your spectators will still be baffled how you predicted their random number.

PRO TIPS: You can do this trick with their phone yet I highly recommend against it. I have tried this out. I used to borrow their phone, I’d go to their calculator, and act as if I was trying to clear it out as I set up the force number. It is unnecessary and truthfully nobody really wants you messing with their phone. You can set it up on your phone in front of them. This is what I usually do. Just act as if you are looking for the calculator.

You can use any prediction numbers here. You can set it so the total ends up being someone’s phone number, someone’s birthday, etc.

Check out this Free Video tipping my favorite 4 Ace Trick which I perform all the time at my professional events.

Static Toothpick

EFFECT: You tell your spectator you will generate a static charge by rubbing a toothpick on your arm. You touch the charged toothpick to another toothpick and that toothpick jumps high in the air.

PROPS: 2 toothpicks


sleight of hand

SECRET MOVE: Hold the toothpick slightly below center, tightly, between your thumb and 1st finger. Place the nail of your 3rd finger onto the end of the toothpick. Rest your 2nd finger against your thumb, it does not touch the toothpick. Press down with your thumb and up with your nail creating tension. When you are ready to do the move let the end of the toothpick snap off of your nail.


ROUTINE: Place a toothpick on the edge of a table, on a deck of cards, on their hand, etc., with the end hanging off. Hold the other toothpick in position to do the secret move. Tell your spectator you will create a static charge. Rub the toothpick on your shirt sleeve a few times. Slowly and mysteriously move beneath the end of the toothpick. Touch the ends together and do the secret move. The toothpick will jump in the air.

IMPORTANT POINTS: There will be an audible click which I believe adds to the trick. Keep the back of your hand toward the audience so they cannot see the secret action of your 3rd finger. When you do the secret move keep the movement of your 3rd finger to a minimum.

Practice this a little bit. It is very cool and easy to do. You can get some serious height if you create a good amount of tension. If you are interested in another super amazing toothpick trick check out The Broken & Restored Toothpick. You can find it here- Easy Magic Tricks That Anyone Can Do.

Telekinetic Ring

EFFECT: You place a ring on a rubber band, you focus your mind, and the ring mysteriously moves up the band.

PROPS: A rubber band.


Break the rubber band. Borrow a ring from someone and place it onto the center of the broken band. Grip the broken band with your right thumb and 1st in the middle and with your left thumb and 1st at the end. Make sure the protruding end of the band is hidden in your right hand so your spectators don’t see it. Stretch the broken band and hold it slightly tilted upward with your left hand higher than your right hand.

rubber arrow

Loosen your right hand grip and slowly let the end of the rubber band move through your right thumb and 1st. The ring will eerily move upward.

IMPORTANT POINTS: Go slow here, it looks better. A little movement goes a long way. Watch the end so you stop before it slips out of your right hand. The rubber bands I like using are size #14 Alliance Pale Crepe Gold Rubber Bands, they are extremely soft and easy to work with. Here is a link if you want to check them out.

If you like this trick I have another version called The Telekinetic Rubber Band that uses two rubber bands plus a trick called The Jumping Rubber Band. You can check them out here.

Business Card X

EFFECT: You take out a stack of business cards. Your spectator takes one and places it on the table. You show the business cards are all blank on the back. They turn over the business card they picked and it is the only one with an X on the back.

SETUP: Start with about 20 business cards total, half with an X on the back, half blank on the back. Put 3 blank cards on top, then the cards with an X, then the rest of the blank cards. Put a rubber band around the stack.


Slowly spread the cards and have your spectator touch one. Spread over about 10 or 12 cards total so they have to touch one of the cards with an X on the back. When they touch a card slide it out and put it on the table, X side down.

bright business

Square up the business cards you are holding and turn the packet over. Casually spread 4 or 5 blank cards and then 2 cards at the bottom. This gives a nice display. Hold the cards in this position and tell your spectator they could have picked any card. Have them turn over the card they picked. It is the only one with an X on it.

IMPORTANT POINTS: The exact number of cards you use doesn’t really matter, 20 works for me. If your spectator tries to touch one of the top few cards, one of the blank cards, tell them to touch one in the middle. When spreading out the cards to show they are all blank keep the spread tight so you don’t flash any Xs.

You should not have a problem with your spectator touching one of the blank cards. Make sure you only spread 10 or 12 cards so the cards below aren’t a choice. Be casual here, touching a business card isn’t like touching a playing card.

Betcha Card Trick

EFFECT: Your spectator shuffles the cards, picks one out, and places it back in the deck. You flip cards over one at a time and stop on one face down card. Clearly it is not their card. You tell your spectator that the next card you flip over will be their card, and if it isn’t, you will give them two dollars. If it is they owe you a nickel. They enthusiastically take the bet. You then go back into the dealt cards and flip over the correct card.


PROPS: A deck of cards. Two dollar bills.

Have your spectator shuffle the cards. You will need to get a Key Card, a peek at the bottom card of the deck. Many times your spectator will flash the bottom card as they shuffle and hand the deck back to you. If this happens, great, proceed with the trick. If not do the All Around Square Up.

All around

ALL AROUND SQUARE UP: Hold the deck face down. Basically you will rotate the deck 180 degrees clockwise. Do this very casually, as if you are just squaring the deck. As you rotate the cards you will look at the bottom card and remember it. It will appear as if you are just adjusting the cards in your hands. Nobody will suspect your actions.


Spread the cards and have a spectator select one. Square up the deck. Tell your spectator you will deal piles and whenever they want they should put their card on top. Lift off a small group of cards from the deck and place them on the table. Repeat this until they put their card on top. When they do place the rest of the deck in your hands on top. This will put your Key Card on top of their card.

Pick up the cards and start dealing them face up into a pile. When you see your key card the next card will be their card. Make sure you do not stop or pause here, keep dealing smoothly. Deal about 5 more cards and stop. Take the next face down card into your hand, call attention to it, and tell your spectator that the next card you flip over will be there card.


Tell them you are so confident that if you are wrong you will give them two dollars. Take out the money. Tell them if you are right they owe you a nickel. They will take the bet. Pause, play this moment up, then put down the card you are holding and flip over their card.

IMPORTANT POINTS: You could make this more interesting and place a $100 bill on the table. The reason I use two dollars is because it is a perfect motivation to bring out 2 bills which I can use for my next trick. Check out Bill Through Bill for a killer trick. You can find it here- Best Mind Blowing Magic Tricks.

I usually tell my spectator they will owe me a nickel, kind of as a joke. Of course I laugh it off and don’t make them pay. In social situations I have done this trick for girls and told them if I am wrong I will give them a massage, yet if I am right they owe me a massage. It works! This trick is perfect for this kind of interaction. Use your imagination here.

I mentioned it above, yet it is very important and worth mentioning again. When you are flipping cards face up and you see their card, do not hesitate. Keep dealing smoothly and casually. Go slow so you make sure they see their card.

PRO TIPS: If their card is deep down in the deck, let’s say half way down, the dealing procedure can be kind of long. I recommend flipping over a group of cards at first, maybe 15-20, and then flipping cards one at a time.

If someone ever does this trick for you, there is a way to win the bet. When they are holding a card and tell you the next card they turn over will be their card, take the bet and immediately flip all the face up cards on the table face down. They will not be expecting this and no longer know which card is yours.


The tricks above can all be performed as stand alone effects or they can be performed together. The props are minimal and all the tricks are foolers. The big question I ask myself when performing is- “Is this a cool trick?” For me the answer has to be yes or I won’t do the trick.


Hi, I'm Matt Furman. I've been a full-time professional magician for over 20 years, ever since I left medical school to pursue my passion.

I have a ton of real world experience and I am constantly practicing and performing new mind blowing magic.