How to Do a Card Trick – Step by Step Detail

Here you will learn how to do a card trick that is easy and amazing plus you will learn a deceptive false shuffle. You will learn it all in step by step detail so you can perform like a pro.

EFFECT: Cards are mixed and dealt face down on the table. You deal one card on top of each. Before you deal the card on top, your spectator says if it is a match or not. If they say “yes,” you deal the card face up; if they say “no,” you deal the card face down. All the cards your spectator said weren’t a match do not match. All the cards they said were a match do match.


Start with the ace through ten in black cards (clubs or spades) on top of the ace through ten in red cards (hearts or diamonds). Do the Charlier shuffle (see below).



sleight of hand
I am right handed. If you are a lefty switch the hands.

This false mixing of the cards is called the Charlier shuffle. It is based on the Haymow shuffle, which really mixes the cards. The following four moves are all ways to do it. All the Charlier shuffle does is cut the deck. Hold the cards face down in your left hand. Spread about half the cards and take them with your right hand.


1) Right fingers push over the bottom cards of the right packet. Take some cards on top of the left packet with your left thumb.

2) Left fingers push over the bottom cards of the left packet. Take some cards on top of the right packet with your right thumb.

3) Left thumb pushes over the top cards of the left packet. Take some cards below the right packet with your right fingers.

4) Right thumb pushes over the top cards of the right packet. Take some cards below the left packet with your left fingers.

When I do the Charlier shuffle I like to alternate doing 1 and 2 a few times. Then I place the halves back together. It feels very casual in my hands and looks like the cards are being shuffled. Don’t overcomplicate this move, otherwise, you risk mixing the cards out of order. Practice this until you feel comfortable. It should feel as if you are mixing the cards.


3 rows


Deal 3 rows of 3. Start at the top left corner and deal 3 cards left to right. Then deal two more rows below the top one.

Tell your spectator you will deal a card on top of every card on the table. For each they will say “match” or “no match.” If they say “no match” deal the card face down on top, perpendicular. If they say “match” turn your left hand palm down turning the packet of cards face up. Slide the top card down a little bit with your left thumb. Take the 2nd card with your right thumb and 1st finger. Deal it face up, perpendicular on the card.

new display

Start at the top left corner and go in the same order as when you dealt the cards. If they say “match” and you deal the card face up, stay in this position as you move to the next card on the table. Turn your hand palm up only if they say “no match.” This lessens the amount of times you have to get into position to deal the second card. After you have placed a card on top of each card place the last two cards you are holding back in the deck.


Turn over all the pairs of face down cards showing they don’t match. Place them back with the deck. Turn over the remaining pairs showing they all match.


When pulling back the top card to deal the 2nd card you want to make sure the 2nd card doesn’t slide along with the top card. What I like to do is push over the top card and get a one-handed pinky break below it. Now when I slide the top card back it is the only card that moves.

Only slide the card back slightly, you don’t want the top card sticking out too much. Slide the card back when your left hand is palm down so your spectators don’t see the top card move.


This is a super strong card trick. You can do it for one person or a group of people. Not only do you get your spectators involved, the trick is extremely baffling. It fools me every time when I turn over the cards and they match. I don’t know how this card trick works. The effect is a nice payoff at the end that your spectators will not see coming.

You can perform this trick as mentalism, as if you are in your spectator’s minds influencing their decisions.

You can perform this trick virtually. There aren’t that many card tricks that get your spectators involved where they don’t have to touch the cards at all. This trick is perfect for Zoom Shows.

You don’t need a full deck for this trick. If you have an old deck that is missing some cards this trick is perfect.

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