Aces 1

Magic Tricks With Cards- What Really Works

Card tricks are my passion. I have made my living for over 20 years performing magic tricks with cards. I have learned what works. Here you will learn some awesome card tricks: TWO CARD MIND READING CARDS ACROSS IMPOSSIBLE LOCATION…

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Card Warp

Card Warp- Easy Routine

I have been performing Card Warp for over 20 years. Here you will learn my professional routine that is easy to do, and audiences love. Card Warp is a visual card trick where a playing card seems to turn over…

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mathcard tricks

How To Do Math Card Tricks- 3 Best Ones

Card tricks are my passion. Here you will learn the 3 absolute best math card tricks. They are extremely strong and will blow your audience’s minds. Here is my criteria for how to do math card tricks: Trick requires a…

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